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This website’s mission statement is simple:
To help you think about your money, your actions and how they affect the bigger picture, in both negative and positive ways.

Check out the blog for specific topics on everything money.
But first let’s get that mind of your’s thinking money.

This website pulls no punches, takes no prisoners, is brutally honest and speaks the truth.
This is so you stand up and take note!
If you want some fluffy, super positive, motivational website that tells you want you want to hear, then I think you’re in the wrong place…

 Mind On The Money, Money on the Mind

Everybody’s mind is on it and it makes that big circular rock spinning in the universe go round.
The more you have the more it leads to an easier and better life, they say money can’t buy happiness but it’s a very close second and even comes first.
(depending on who you’re talking to)
It buys you all those nice things, opens up opportunities/options, looks after you, the positive’s are endless, that’s why from such an early age money is programmed into you, You quickly learn that money enables you to prosper in life, sounds so easy doesn’t it?, more money = better life, piece of cake…but there’s a problem.

The Problem

No matter who you are you, plain & simple you need money!, not want…need! and it doesn’t grow on trees.
So unless you’ve already got a shit load of the stuff it’s in limited supply so you’ve actually got to get off your backside and go and earn it, all the stuff you want/need costs money which then leads to needing it on a reoccurring basis for the rest of your life. hmm..doesn’t sound so easy anymore does it?
Plus what if you don’t have a lot of money or even worse your in debt?, chances are life ends up being harder.
More stress, lower quality of life, and unhappiness.
It can lead to a vicious circle and the negative impacts can start to affect other areas of your life which can quickly snowball into a massive problem, if no action is taken.

 Most people’s relationship with money is unhealthy, the adverts make you want all the material goods, so you buy stuff you don’t need, soon as you’ve got money it’s like some hot frigging potato that you need to get rid of, and therein lies the problem, you spend too much, don’t save enough, don’t budget properly and crave instant gratification so you want everything now which leads to stupid decisions that you end up having to pay the price for later, which leads nicely onto…

Stark Stats

One in four UK adults have no emergency savings.
40% of the working age population hold less than £100 in savings.
More than a tenth of the UK population admit to being terrible with money.
1 in 10 typically spend more than they earn each month.
31% of adults in the UK don’t have a pension.
7 in 10 UK workers are ‘chronically broke’.
Personal debt is the highest in recent history, with the average person owing over £8,000.
There was 25,479 individual insolvencies in 2017, of which 15,523 were voluntary arrangements, 6,274 debt relief orders and 3,682 bankruptcies.
As of 2017, unsecured consumer debt stands at £201 billion.
Over £30 billion in new credit was issued by auto finance dealers in 2016.
As of 2017, student debt has doubled to £100 billion in the past five years.
Council tax arrears have increased 12% in the past five years to £2.7 billion.
Debt on gas & electricity bills stood at £1.24 billion in 2016-17.

These stats hammer home the crisis the UK population is facing when it comes to being able to save towards their futures and the major impact debt is having on people’s lives.

Day To Day

Let’s be real, life is hectic and most days you don’t get a minute to stop and think about what your going to have for tea tonight, never mind the state of your financial situation.
The weeks end up being a blur, days seem to roll into one, mainly consisting of work so you can keep earning money while trying to make enough time for all the other stuff you’ve got going on in your life.
Then the weekend comes and you need to re-charge the batteries, socialize, have hobbies, do the food shop, buy that new dress/shirt you’ve wanted, go for drinks/meals you know…actually enjoy life.

But many people fail to look at the bigger picture with their finances, the money they earn and the future implications down the line, the reality is it isn’t some magic well you can hop, skip and jump to every time you need more of it.

Everything is getting more expensive, food, clothes, cars, houses, bills etc.
Wages are not keeping up with inflation and money just never seems to stretch as far these days.


To add further insult to injury everyone judges you on the amount of money you have or don’t have and the material things you’ve got.
Come on!, let’s be honest we all do it, “how they got that new car/house” “where do they get all their money from”
It makes people treat you differently, which affects how you perceive yourself.
It’s a lot more than just a piece of paper, it’s a measurement.
We are all the same, but humans will always strive to better themselves and compare themselves to other human beings, it’s just what we do!

It All Starts With You

Time, work, stress, health, happiness, friends, family, the list goes on…
money affects every single one of these.
But ultimately you are the one who determines if money affects them in a positive or negative way.

Choose Positive

If what you’ve read so far is grim reading then don’t worry, the good news is whatever your current financial situation it can be changed and you can take control.
Before you start reading some of the post’s on this blog which will give you some helpful tips and discuss in more detail what you can do to force positive action on your own money minded life, check out the “about me” page which will dive deeper into who I am, why i’m writing all this and my own money mind.